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Alcohol is legal and easy to access for anyone over the age of 18 in the United States. It is also in the majority of liquor cabinets and refrigerators of most households. This makes for funny scenes in many movies throughout the decades of teenagers who tried their parent’s whiskey and refilled the bottle with water, only to be caught later. It is not so funny when it is your child doing this. Alcohol is expected to be at social events, including backyard picnics and even kids’ birthday parties. It is a part of the American culture. This makes it all the more challenging for someone who has found that the effects of alcoholism have led them down a path that either have or is about to ruin their life. Recognizing that you have an addiction is only the first step to treating alcoholism, and knowing what the options will help to ensure the likelihood of successfully achieving and maintaining sobriety. It is never too late to return to the path of living the happy life of which you once dreamed was possible.

What is the best way to treat alcoholism?

Someone whose thoughts and actions revolve around finding alcohol, drinking it, and recovering from a hangover may not even realize that they have a problem. At the stage of active alcoholism, it is almost impossible to get someone into treatment. With 14.8 million people aged 12 and older being diagnosed as having alcohol use disorder (AUD), there is no blanket treatment that helps everyone the same. Each person exhibits different behaviors and will react to each treatment method differently as well. The key to deciding which is best for you will be to find the one that matches your personality and goals best.

What kinds of alcohol treatment options exist?

The desire to get help is not felt by many of those who are indeed abusing alcohol, but when it does show up, it is generally in a sudden moment of realization. Determining what treatment is best can be initially based on a few factors that determine the severity of the addiction, such as:

Achieving a clean life can be found in following basic steps, that include:

 There are details that cannot be overlooked in each process.

In what settings will I find alcohol treatment?

There are a variety of programs. Finding the one that fits the needs of the alcoholic is important. The facility should offer features that will help that person remember the joy they used to feel in life and what they used to do to fill their time before alcohol took over their focus and behavior. The options will vary, depending on the severity of the addiction:

Learning to live without alcohol is not something that people who love the taste and feel of alcohol want to do. Alcoholism is a disease that has changed the way the brain works, adapting to functioning with the consistent consumption of alcohol. Simply removing the substance from the body is not enough in the majority of cases; however, there is always hope in reminding the body and mind how it previously lived without alcohol. Only 9% of alcoholics are the ones that the media has taught us to expect, the ones sleeping under bridges. They actually range on the spectrum from homeless to high functioning. No matter what rock bottom looks like to someone, digging deep and finding a way to return to a fulfilling life without alcohol can be the first step to achieving the happiness for which all humans long.

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