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It might start with a drink to fit in at a high school party or it might have started with the depression after a divorce. Whatever the case may be, those who like the sedated numbness that alcohol has to offer can slide down a slippery slope, making an inpatient alcohol rehab center the perfect option to get back to a life that was happy and routine. There first problem might have happened after a night out with coworkers and the thought that you could handle driving home after a few beers but received a DUI instead. Luckily, you only got pulled over, while another person hit and killed someone. This leads to legal issues, high fines, and loss of a driver’s license. Reliable transportation to work has now become an issue and may lead to loss of employment and major financial concerns, leading to more stress and more drinking. Then your partner cannot deal with the constant “bad” decisions and you watch them walk out the door, which leads to more drinking to numb the pain. Many people have to hit bottom before they can see their way out, and this is where an inpatient alcohol rehab center may help an alcoholic regain control of their life and get their retrieve their once happy personality. 

What is an inpatient alcohol rehab center?

Alcohol addiction can not only affect one’s personal life and health, but it can also cost someone their life. Alcohol abuse fills almost half of the hospital beds in the country, with ailments from liver and heart disease to cancer and dementia. Understanding what is involved in an inpatient alcohol rehab center can help someone to decide if this is the right option for their situation. A variety of programs are available to match people with their personal interests to make it a more effective experience — including economy or luxury, standard, faith-based, holistic, and more. They are confidential so that there is no worry about others discovering that there has even been an issue, if they don’t already know. Inpatient and outpatient treatments exist and offer very different structures. Facts regarding inpatient options can be summed up as:

What happens in an inpatient alcohol rehab center?

The unknown is always scary. Is it better to stay with a known evil versus facing an unknown future? Individuals have the opportunity and decision-making skills to improve their futures, and being vulnerable enough to commit to recovery is the biggest part. That commitment might need rededication every hour of every day, but it can be done. Once a location has been decided upon, the center will perform mental and medical health assessments. Honesty is truly the best policy when discussing one’s rehabilitation so that the issue can be adequately treated. This is a no judgment zone in which the professionals simply want the best outcome for each of their patients. A customized treatment is designed based on the information given. Admission is then completed, and detox begins. Detox may require medications that either make it more comfortable or lessen the fact that it’s left-threatening. After detox, intense individual and group counseling is required, with medication management and aftercare support to ensure the best possible chances of continued success.

What is involved in the initial detox phase?

Detoxing from alcohol causes some of the most dangerous withdrawal symptoms when compared to other substances as the body clears the alcohol from its system. Alcohol withdrawal can involve symptoms that range anywhere from mild to fatal and are experienced differently for each person, according to genetics, duration of abuse, and severity of abuse. It may include:

What kind of counseling occurs at an inpatient alcohol rehab center?

Finding out what kind of services a program offers can be integral in the transformation that is necessary to find success in recovery. Some of the programs that are instituted in rehab include:

How do I choose an inpatient alcohol rehab center?

Once a decision is made that professional treatment is necessary, choosing the program that matches your personality and situation can help make success a higher likelihood. So, what should you consider? Let’s see:

Alcohol is one of the most abused chemical substances in the world, and those who have recognized its negative impact on their lives may discover that they would benefit from the services of an inpatient alcohol rehab center. The mental and physical repercussions of alcoholism are the third leading cause of death in the United States. It is legal for those over 21 and can be found casually filling the liquor cabinets of most homes, since it is easily accessible at the store around the corner. This accessibility has led to the east of its use, but that doesn’t mean that it cannot contribute to extreme impacts to the economy, healthcare system, and lives. The CDC found that one in 10 deaths were from excessive drinking, with the economic costs estimated at $249 billion, shortening the lives of those who had chosen to drink by an average of 30 years. To prevent becoming one of the statistics, an inpatient alcohol rehab center can help someone live a fulfilled life without a chemical dependency.

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