Our Selection Criteria

At Substance-Abuse.net, we use a 4-point selection criteria to display addiction treatment centers on our website. Our selection process consists of the following:

1. Treatment Type. Results are shown primarily based on the treatment type that the user is looking for. For example, those who are looking for drug rehab will be shown rehab centers that include drug rehab as part of their services.

2. Proximity. Results are also shown based on proximity to the desired search location. For example, for someone looking for substance abuse treatment in Malibu or Orlando, those rehab centers that are located in the particular location will be shown first. Moreover, supplemental results are displayed to give more local options, including those addiction treatment centers that are within a reasonable proximity to the desired location.

3. Licensure. Each rehab in our database has to be federally licensed as an addiction treatment center. We check current license periodically to ensure the treatment center remains licensed.

4. Reviews. We check reviews that are available on the web periodically to ensure treatment centers follow best practices and do not have a large number of complaints from those who have gone through rehab at the treatment facility. Treatment centers with egregious conduct are removed from our listings.

It remains our top priority to continue to improve our listings of rehab centers and to help match you with the best rehab center for yourself or your family member. Please contact us if you'd like to submit your rehab center for review to be added to our directory.