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Being Christian involves a certain transparency in addition to a lifestyle that follows the word of God, emulating Jesus Christ’s devotion to His Father in behavior and thoughts. This isn’t necessarily a realistic endeavor for some people, and they find themselves unable to handle the overwhelming stresses of everyday life in the modern world. With alcohol being readily available and legal, it is easy for anyone to gradually rely on the use of alcohol to bring them relief from a difficult day. Christians not only berate themselves for neglecting their family and friends, but they harshly judge themselves and feel shameful for not being able to maintain a life that would make their savior happy. When someone has begun to recognize that their occasional shot of whiskey has turned into a reliance upon the mellowness that it provides at all times of day, it is time to turn to a supportive and compassionate community that is as closely aligned to their personal beliefs and interests. This is where a Christian Alcohol Rehab Center comes into their life.

What does alcohol rehab treatment do that you cannot?

Often, an alcoholic may have to hit rock bottom before they recognize their addiction and that they may not be able to find a resolution on their own. Every addict’s rock bottom looks completely different, from waking up one day in the backseat of your car without a family, job, or friends to simply the threat of watching a loved one walk out the door. The criteria that are common in diagnosing alcoholism includes:

There are many other tell-tale signs, such as alcohol consumption affecting financial and familial responsibilities; however, these are the ones that can be adequately measured. Alcohol detox from excess use of alcohol can also be extremely dangerous, leading to death in some instances when medical professionals are not involved. While many treatment centers are extremely effective at helping ease discomfort and monitor withdrawal efficiently, Christian ones do so in the same manner but with the addition of biblical principles that can bolster faith, confidence, and the motivation to continue down the path that will help an alcoholic metaphorically stand up once again and take back their happiness.

Not only an alcohol rehab center administers medications that help resolve potentially lethal withdrawal symptoms, like DTs (delirium tremens) and seizures, but they can also help treat mental illnesses and anxiety with faith-based counseling, peer-support in 12-step programs, and medication management that includes methadone or suboxone.

What are the steps in a Christian 12-step program for alcoholics? 

The 12-step program that is offered by many churches adapts the traditional 12-steps that exist in those such as AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) by assimilating it into a structure with biblical principles. They coincide perfectly, making it possible to find a stronger connection to faith. The steps are accompanied by scripture and encompass the following steps.

What are the benefits of a Christian Alcohol Rehab Center?

Learning how to live without alcohol can be a process experienced over and over again for the rest of an alcoholic’s life. The lack of a drink in an addict’s life can only be described as losing a loved one, since they had come to rely on it to make them happy. As they grew more addicted and it became their sole focus, they neglected their own physical health, as well as their jobs, financial responsibilities, and that of their families and friends. They may have even begun to avoid social interactions and their church family because of the shame they felt even though they most likely would have been met with compassion had they only shared their concerns. Being surrounded by sisters and brothers in faith can truly go a long way in helping someone realize that they are not alone in their struggle. Some of the benefits of a Christian Alcohol Rehab Center include:

The holy trinity is the catalyst for change in those who believe and have faith that it shall be. Christians say that they are forgiven of their sins but need to implement that belief into their daily lives and thoughts in order to be able to thrive. An alcoholic’s journey into sober living is embarked upon with uncertainty, and those who are taught how to incorporate their beliefs into their daily thoughts and behaviors may find better success. The goal is to remain faithful to Jesus and faithful to themselves, and being surrounded by the very faith that drives their actions in the other parts of their life may be all they need to recreate a life of content. 

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