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You have chest surgery, and the pain of recovering from them cracking your chest open is excruciating. That hour before the next dose of tramadol arrives represent some of the painful times of your life. You think about all the lives that have been affected by opioids and vow to never need the assistance of a tramadol addiction treatment program, relying on it only to get you through the recovery and then be done. You know that the doctors will cut you off anyway. Now it has been six months and the pain is something with which you are still having a problem handling. The doctors knew you as a good person who never requested drugs so renew your prescription a couple of times. You aren’t even taking it as often as they say you can, but you know you still need it.

A few months later, they refuse to renew your prescription, and you hide the fact from your partner that you even have asked for it again. You really don’t need it anymore but you spend every day dealing with the fact that your health is bad enough that you needed life-saving surgery in the first place, and you do live with intermittent pain from all the autoimmune diseases you have been nursing for over 10 years. You are trying, you really are, but the calm that you feel after taking a tramadol cannot be matched. The wine doesn’t cut it. The only thing that was close was the Vicodin you had years ago. Hey! You have a great idea and ask your daughter’s friend if they can get it from their weed guy. You realize you have become that person that feels like they cannot function normally without tramadol. You are that person who needs a tramadol addiction treatment center.

What is tramadol?

Tramadol is a synthetic opioid that was designed to treat chronic pain by mirroring the body’s natural pain-relief system. Users believe that it may be less risky because it comes in extended release tablets and is weaker than other prescription and illicit opioids, like heroin and codeine. However, there are a great deal of people who become dependent upon it. Dependence is when the body relies on the drug to perform its normal activities, as well as mentally to be able to experience pleasure. A tolerance forms and withdrawal symptoms occur cessation is attempted.

What are the signs that I have a problem?

Addiction can happen with anything in life when someone leans on a certain substance or activity, thinking that they need to be able to function through an average day. Common signs that you have a problem with tramadol include:

It may be hard to tell if someone else has an addiction, but it can be done if you analyze them closely and compare their behavior to how they used to be. This is especially difficult if they previously had a mental health component. Signs include:

How do I choose a tramadol addiction treatment center?

When you come to the realization that someone you love has an addiction to tramadol, showing them support and understanding is the best way to help them. It may take them time to admit it. The drugs have hijacked the brain and it may even be difficult for them to stop using it on their own. Intervention must be done carefully for it to be effective, because one of the hardest parts is recognizing that you have addiction and need help.

Typing your zip code and tramadol addiction treatment into a search engine may only cause confusing because there are so many listed. Weeding through the list can be overwhelming but choosing one that suits your personality is the best way to achieve success in finding the sobriety that will help you regain the happiness that you once felt. So, what questions do you ask when you start to research?

What can I expect in tramadol addiction treatment?

Everyone is nervous when they walk through the front doors for assessment. The initial evaluation will help any new patient understand what is about to happen. They will form a customized plan based on the answers to questions about frequency and duration of use, mental status, and more. They say good-bye to their family or friends and move forward to the step of eliminating tramadol from their body. What is the process from this point?

When someone wants to regain control of their life, support is one of the best ways to achieve success in maintaining sobriety, and that’s where tramadol addiction treatment comes in. When an addict admits that they have a problem and needs help, they need a strong support system. This is the key to success. They will come out of rehab a different person, having been taught how to cope with problems in a healthy manner and face life without the use of drugs. No one takes that first pill thinking they will become an addict, but life has a funny way of testing people’s will. It’s never too late to live a happy life.

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