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Life can be hard. Some individuals find it harder than others. Those who have learned to depend on mind-altering substances can find solace in a recovery process that starts at a drug detox center. Each person uses different ways to cope with the problems that they face, from healthy ways of dealing with their issues to strategies that can make their lives even more difficult. When someone leans on the use of mind-altering substances and finds themselves unable to live without drugs or alcohol, drug detox centers are the first step to getting and staying clean, helping an addict create the life that have always wanted.

Dependency on illicit drugs doesn’t just happen. While it seems like you wake up one day and have thoughts that are completely focused on how you are going to get your next hit, it is actually a gradual slope lined with decisions that have led you to this place. This means that it’s your decision and will power that will get you your life back. Detoxing isn’t easy to achieve alone, and that’s where the experienced and compassionate people who make up the communities of drug addiction recovery can provide help. The vast system in place that helps an addict as soon as they walk through the door starts at a drug detox center, and we are going to discuss how it can help you.

What is drug detox?

The first step to getting clean and back on track in the life that you always dreamed of is to get the drugs that have been causing the problems out of your system, also known as detoxing. This is one of the most difficult things to do, since the desire for the drug isn’t just a mental one, but a physical one as well with the brain chemistry having been altered. This makes the user think that they actually need it to either survive or feel normal. Detox and the recovery process consist of convincing the brain and body that it doesn’t need the offending drug. Everyone’s experience is different, depending on the amount of use that has occurred and what substance was abused.

The goal of every drug detox center is to give the body the rest it needs so that it can heal from the damage that was done to it with long-term drug and/or alcohol use. A detoxification helps the body process and rid itself of the harsh chemicals so that the person can stabilize and move to a long-term drug treatment center. The length of withdrawal depends on a number of dynamics, such as:

What is a drug detox center?

The severity of an individual’s addition determines the type of drug detox center that will be most beneficial for them, inpatient or outpatient. A presence of mental illness is also a factor in the decision, because dual diagnosis treatment centers are equipped to handle both issues simultaneously. Medical supervision may be necessary for particularly critical cases, since the user’s symptoms can be dangerous. Types of detox include:

Drug detox centers are the first step to a positive life-altering commitment. Instead of being alienated from family and friends who genuinely care… instead of having no job or way to pay support oneself… instead of having nowhere safe to sleep at night… committing to making decisions that will allow the future of which you had previously aspired to can be found in a drug detox center. It’s the first step in a comprehensive rehabilitation program. It involves someone accompanying you every step of the way, even offering help to transition back into society afterwards.

Can I detox at home?

Making oneself vulnerable enough to admit that there is even a problem is hard enough, but entering a detox treatment center is a whole other level of commitment. At-home detox kits do exist; however, there is no support if something goes awry. They have generally been found not to work very well. While some people feel that they can handle the detox process at home, there a few reasons why it may not be a great idea, including:

What are the symptoms of drug and alcohol withdrawal?

Individuals sometimes wonder how bad detox can really be, but detox can actually be life-threatening if not performed properly. Drug detox centers can help make the process more comfortable with the administration of prescribed medications that lessen the symptoms.  Detoxing can be intense and is a different experience for everyone. For example, long-term alcoholics attempting detox can have a heart attack, but medical intervention can help prevent that from happening with proper medication and monitoring. The drugs that cause the most issues when the body is expelling them are:

The body has natural processes in place to clean the system of damaging chemicals; however, these systems are altered during drug and alcohol addiction. The withdrawal process can be fatal to some if not handled properly, and detox treatment centers have instituted protocols and prescriptions so that ridding the body of the dangerous chemicals is as safe as possible. Some prescription medications taken as ordered need tapered down, and the process is no different for illicit drugs. Unfortunately, there is no magic and immediate solution, but the compassionate medical and psychological personnel at detox treatment centers are trained specifically in making detox the most effective process possible. They want to ensure their patients stay safe and learn how to live a life where they are happy. Everyone wants to be happy, but drug addicts either don’t think that they deserve it or don’t know how to achieve it. Getting back on track can start with detox.

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