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While all humans are created equal, studies show that the difference in hormone levels between males and females cause a significant diversity between the two. When someone has become addicted to drugs, being surrounded by familiar ideas and activities can lead to increased success in achieving long-term sobriety, and this is where drug rehab centers for women can be a great deal of help. Society is evolving but continues to have unrealistic expectations of women that they sometimes have a hard living up to. Collectively, women are expected to be a productive member of society and earn a living while maintaining traditional responsibilities — including raising the children, running the home, cooking the meals, and cleaning the living areas.

Women also appreciate personal time in which they can forget all their stressors for a short time, whether they spend time alone or with friends. They are emotional beings that typically feel things deeply and are insightful as to the how their mind works in respect to the world around them. Women often find it difficult to relax when they have even a spare minute, discovering that a Xanax helps calm their racing minds or a hit off of a joint helps them get the sleep they need. When someone is juggling so many different things, something has to give eventually, so when she finds that her relationship with her partner, family, and/or job are suffering because of her addiction, she needs to find a way to get her drug use under control. A Drug rehab center for women may be just what she needs to regain control of her life and find the happiness that she had before it all fell apart.

Questions to Ask a Women-Only Drug Rehab Center

There are some questions you may want to ask when determining whether a particular drug rehab for women is right for you. They include the following:

What is the difference between addiction, dependence, and abuse?

Finding the right place to face one’s drug use when it is tearing your life apart, the right terminology may aid in the process. It’s helpful to understand what medical professionals mean when choosing where to go. The following are not used interchangeably:

Knowing what category someone falls into can help achieve success in treatment by customizing it to their causes and needs, especially when women have a more difficult time maintaining their sobriety.

What are the differences in addiction between men and women?

Most programs were created due to results of research involving men. Men are more likely to become addicts; however, women tended to telescope, which is when they rapidly progress from the first use of an addictive substance to dependence upon it. Health issues and social consequences are developed quicker in women, and they may find it harder to quit, resulting in more relapses. Knowing the main differences can help in treatment and success.

Women and men also react to each drug differently. Research on women is ongoing, but drugs can change the brain’s chemistry. The following differences have been noted clinically:

How do I choose a women-only drug rehab center?

As medical research increases as to the gender differences of drug use, women and men confront dissimilar challenges. Childhood trauma, such as sexual abuse, and adult sexual assault is more prevalent in women than in men with only 12% of cases are ever reported. This indicates that they try to deal with the emotional damage on their own, possibly causing PTSD, depression, and anxiety issues. As pressures begin to build in adulthood, women find that the “high” lets them forget, or at least not care, about their stressors. Being in a drug rehab center or alcohol rehab center for women may be more soothing if there are no males present with backgrounds such as these victims have had, having found that they always bonded on a deeper level with women. There are distinct differences in how men and women hold represent throughout their lives, which include:

Knowing how to choose a substance abuse treatment center based on the needs of the individual can be the biggest factor in preventing relapses and teaching women how to avoid triggers that could possible send them down the path that they are working so hard to leave. When they transition back into their life, they tend to return to the job, the kids, and the relationship, but they have learned how to manage it so much better through coping mechanisms they learned in individual and group therapies. The support of friends and family are an integral part of recovery. Regaining control of the life that felt so unmanageable that they needed to depend on drugs to get them through an average day is possible and a huge accomplishment. Drug rehab for women saves lives.

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