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No one ever decides that they are going to become an addict, and getting clean will be one of the hardest things through which someone must live. Whether you are the user or the family member who wants to know if there are any options for you to intervene in your loved one’s addiction, it’s important to know what program would be most likely to result in sobriety. The goal of any program is to improve the addict’s quality of life, so making sure to find one that pairs well with the personality is critical to its ultimate success. A company wouldn’t hire someone for customer service who comes across rude, and a potential employee wouldn’t accept a position at a place that would make them miserable.

Statistics have determined that the longer a previous user is in treatment, the better their chances of success will be. Traditional treatments suggest a short-term 30-program, which is enough for someone who has a mild to moderate addiction. It may not be the best choice for someone who is either severely addicted or has been using for a considerable amount of time. This is where the 90-day drug rehab program comes in. The extended time (although not as extended as a one year drug rehab program) allows for more intense therapy protocol so that the person has the necessary time to be able to regain control of their life and once again find their happiness.

Why choose a 90-day drug rehab program?

Choosing a rehab program is a two-way street. When someone goes into a potential facility for an evaluation, they are not only are they assessing the rehab center to see if their program is suitable for the situation, but they should  also be evaluating the candidate for the same reasons. There are multiple benefits to enrolling in a longer treatment regimen. Deciding if a 90-day rehab program is the one that is most likely to help resolve the drug issues at hand can be based on the following standards:

Is a 90-day drug rehab program inpatient?

Deciding what level of care someone requires to help fight their addiction depends on a plethora of factors, and one of them is how much upheaval they can withstand in their life. 90-day programs are considered long term drug rehab, and are typically residential or inpatient so that time can be spent focusing intently on their recovery. Patients live at the facility and form relationships with other residents going through the same process. Inpatient care has been shown to be the best course of action for those:

A 90-day program is one of the options between detox and outpatient treatment. Most addicts participate in the 30-day program and may enroll in a longer one when they realize that they may need more assistance in their endeavor to maintain their life without drugs. A 90-day drug rehab program gives them the power to take back their lives with coping skills.

What happens in a 90-day drug rehab?

Most rehab facilities consist of the same process; however, the intensity may differ. The process will be as follows:

What to consider when choosing a 90-day drug rehab program?

Choosing what addiction recovery program is one of the most important life decisions an addict will make. Some of the factors to consider are:

Those who are looking into a 90-day drug rehab facility may have found that they will be better off away from the triggers of the typical stressors in life. Drugs don’t discriminate class, race, or income, and no one takes that first hit with the idea that it will be the very thing that destroys everything they love. People generally continue on the path of drug use because they have been through traumas, they have a mental disorder, and in the end, because they want to escape. Someone who is overwhelmed may find numbness in the relief that their drug of choice offers, or they may have started taking Adderall to help them get more projects done in a day. Whatever the reason, they need to learn that their life and decisions are made only by them. They have control of them and that they are good enough without the use of a drug for anything life throws at them.

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