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A sense of pride arises when someone enlists in the military; however, their mental and physical health can pay the price, causing them to turn to alcohol for relief. Those who rely too heavily on drinking can benefit from the services offered at VA drug and alcohol rehab centers. Military personnel dedicate their lives to their country for either a few years or join the military ranks that will better the lives of American citizens as a career. They love doing their part to better their peers’ lives but sometimes pay for it in the end with the trauma that they encounter.

As happens with most people headed into an unknown situation, their idealistic thoughts can quickly turn dark when they are thrown into situations that test their resolve to live. PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) is one of the most common problems found in veterans, and there are many services aimed at helping them to improve their mental and physical well-being. VA drug and alcohol rehab centers understand what they are going through and give them the help they need to regain control and find the fulfillment and happiness for which they have sought for so very long.

What is the relationship between veterans and alcohol abuse?

The number of veterans who have used alcohol to ease their struggle with the experiences through which they have lived has been a major concern as long as war has existed. Military personnel also use alcohol as a coping mechanism when dealing with the uncertainty of being enrolled, which includes:

The VA provides effective, evidence-based programs in alcohol rehab facilities, knowing that long-term support is essential to making it possible for veterans to achieve the sustained sobriety that they seek. Treating the reasons behind the problem is essential to continued sobriety.

PTSD is a lifelong battle that typically occurs in those who witnessed and lived through devastating events. Veterans are a group of people who are more likely to have gone through tragedies that are hard to forget. Symptoms of PTSD can include:

Veterans who have a hard time handling the catastrophes that they have seen often turn to the mind-numbing effects that can be found in alcohol; on the other hand, drinking can also intensify the symptoms that they are trying to suppress, such as depression, insomnia, and anxiety. Professionals who are trained in treating dual diagnosis are especially useful for veterans. This is when a mental component accompanies the substance abuse.

What are some of the reasons that a veteran may drink?

Every person’s experience as to why they enjoy the feeling that drinking gives them is different, but there are common reasons that can be found in the majority of alcoholics. Veterans tend to have experiences that cause them to collectively feel similarly. Those reasons include:

About 40,000 soldiers are homeless, but the rate dropped by 47% from 2010 to 2016. They have felt abandoned by their country and find refuge in shelters or on the streets. Many lack health insurance even when they have been injured, they are jobless, and can go without food for extended periods. They can become depressed and feel there is no hope. Self-harm and suicide are prevalent among veterans. 

What kinds of addiction treatment is available by the VA?

Most people find it difficult to quit drinking alcohol on their own. The chemical components of drugs and alcohol cause changes in brain chemistry. The body begins to depend on the substance to operate “normally.” Medical professionals rely on a variety of means to resolve the addiction to alcohol. The basic process used involves three categories — detox (alcohol detox or drug detox), rehabilitation, and maintenance. A combination of one or more of the following results in the best success rates:

Having to live a life full of pain and hopelessness isn’t what someone pictured when they first enlisted in the military. They pictured being appreciated and recognized for helping their country to thrive. That admiration doesn’t help when it’s in the background and they are facing the repercussions of the traumas they experienced. Alcoholism runs rampant among veterans, but there is hope for those who look for it. VA drug and alcohol rehab centers offer the treatments that are proven to help those in need. They have programs that provide the means to give them they life that they deserve. Veterans can learn to smile again with the right treatment plan that helps them find and maintain their sobriety.

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