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Methamphetamine, also known as meth, ice, glass, or crystal meth, is unlike most other drugs because it is almost instantly addictive. It is virtually impossible to stop using without professional intervention. Meth produces immediate results by forcing the brain to produce extra dopamine, which is the chemical that generates a sense of satisfaction in a job well done. Many activities that an individual performs throughout their day can produce this feeling; however, meth takes over the production of dopamine and causes more to be secreted than is normal or healthy. Addicts lose touch with family, children, social, and financial obligations. Long-term use can be fatal or lead to speaking problems and impaired motor skills if left untreated. No one ever plans to neglect children, jobs, family, and friends, but it happens when all someone can focus on is how to get their next hit of meth so that they can feel better again. It may seem hopeless or overwhelming to seek out help for a tenuous situation, but it’s never too late to find meth addition treatment and regain control of your life.

What are the signs and symptoms exhibited by a meth addict?

Meth addicts almost never seek their own help and need someone to intervene for them, which can be difficult because they have pushed away anyone not drug-related. Their friends are only in their drug circle. So, what physical symptoms does someone have when they are addicted to meth?

Meth is one of the most dangerous drugs in existence with how it changes the brain so dramatically. Some behavioral signs include:

Why is meth so addicting?

No one goes down a path that could lead to their destruction on purpose. They take that first hit usually because they are experimenting, and someone said it was fun. Before they know it, they are constantly looking for that next hit. Meth is highly addictive in how it rewires the brain’s reward systems and pleasure centers. When someone inhales meth, it quickly penetrates the brain and causes a euphoria that remains in the system for a span of time ranging from six to 12 hours. Sadly, one of the biggest reasons that people keep using meth is because it destroys the dopamine receptors over time, making it impossible for the user to experience pleasure through any other means.

First time users simply feel alert, euphoric, and talkative. It enhances even routine activities by forcing the release of up to 1,250 times the amount of dopamine that is even produced during sexual intercourse. Each hit afterwards is not as good as the first and people become addicted because they are forevermore “chasing the dragon” as they strive to replicate that first experience.

What is the process used in meth addiction treatment?

Meth is so potent that addiction occurs within the first few times of using it. Finding a way to stop relying on it can be a challenge but is not impossible. When an individual stops using meth, whether they are being forced or trying on their own, it isn’t generally effective because of the intense physiological withdrawal symptoms. The user has already lost the ability to feel pleasure without meth and has been witnessed as entering into a state of psychosis. These symptoms will last for weeks or months after the body is actually free of the substance, which occurs within two to three days of the last hit. The basic process involves several strategies that can help train a person how to function and live a fulfilling life without meth. It entails a combination of the following:

Falling down the dark hole of drug abuse starts because someone wants to ease the pain and suffering of what they view as a stressful existence. The misery they begin to feel on a daily basis if they do not have constant access to meth can range from physically mild to mentally devastating. Meth is unique in its ability to create an addition within the first few times of use. This makes it particularly dangerous, especially when used in combination with other drugs or alcohol. Knowing that help is out there isn’t enough when the withdrawal kicks in and the user simply goes back to it so that they don’t have to go through the miserable withdrawal. Many people who constantly rely on the effects of meth to feel good about themselves and life may doubt that they can ever have a normal life again. It may take some inner strength, but it is definitely attainable, and they will wonder why they didn’t find meth addition treatment sooner when they are having fun at the next family picnic.

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