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Drugs do not discriminate between gender, age, ethnicity, or socioeconomic class. A single mom living in a middle class neighborhood may have started taking Xanax at night after her incredibly active children went to bed just to help her relax and it turned into using Adderall in the mornings to get her ready for the day. Now she cannot seem to function without them. She meets a great guy, they fall in love, and get married, but he falls into her pattern with her. After meeting financial strain and admitting that their relationship is on the rocks, they try repeatedly to stop using on their own but just cannot seem to last more than a few days. They decide to investigate rehab centers and discover the possibility of a couples drug rehab facility. They found each other during one of the most difficult times of their lives and believe that they were meant to be together. They want to recover from their addiction together and are happy to realize that they can do so in a supportive setting.  With over 38% of adults battling an illicit drug use disorder, finding help in a setting that will instill the necessary principles can help serve as its own support system.

What exactly is couples rehab?

One of the biggest problems when someone completes the program of a rehab facility is having an adequate support system to maintain the sobriety for which they worked so hard. When someone becomes addicted to drugs or alcohol, they focus only on the next hit or drink, and they hurt and push away people that they love. Family and friends can only take so much emotional, physical, and financial punishment, so they end up putting distance between themselves and the addict who won’t help themselves. Education is critical to the process of resolving an addiction, and those who receive the same education and the same treatment are more apt to support each other on their journey.

Drugs and alcohol both skew thought process by changing the chemistry of the brain. They can create paranoia and couples even find themselves fighting over the drugs or drinks themselves. They begin disputing irrationally once the drugs or alcohol take hold of their minds, increasing the chances that their union will not last. However, if they get help together, they can lift each other up in their goals. Studies have proven that couples who go through alcohol or drug rehab together relapse less often, and that is especially important with one in six Americans having a drinking issue. That doesn’t even include marijuana and other illicit drugs. Even if one person is not an addict, they can benefit from both attending so that the sober partner is counseled on how to help their partner achieve long-term sobriety. 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of going to couples rehab?

When one person in a relationship decides that their drug and alcohol use has gone too far, it may take time to convince the other. When they find out that it’s possible to enroll in a couples drug rehab center, they decide to do it together. When only one gets the necessary help, there is a major imbalance when the time comes for that person to return home and try to live a sober lifestyle. Some of the benefits that come from couples drug rehab include:

So, when is couples rehab ill advised?

There are also reasons for couples not to be treated together and that is true in the following circumstances:

How do we know if couples rehab is right for us?

Couples rehab addresses the issues that arise due to drug abuse. Some of the signs that couples rehab may be perfect for a situation include:

What kind of couples rehab are there?

There are generally two types of couples rehab that you will find: inpatient couples rehab (for drugs and/or alcohol) and outpatient rehab. In outpatient rehab for couples, you will still be living at home as a couple, but will receive treatment together at an addiction treatment facility. For inpatient couples rehab, you will both be living at the facility while receiving substance abuse treatment.

What can you expect in couples drug rehab?

When an individual goes through a drug rehab program, they typically learn their own weaknesses and triggers. They are trained in how to avoid and cope with them if they do arise. In couples therapy, each person learns the other’s weaknesses and triggers as well. They can effectively help each other when they work as a team. This is especially true if one or both have a dual diagnosis, which is the co-occurring of a mental health disorder as well. At intake, a customized treatment plan is created for each person, as well as for the couple as a whole. They are generally housed separately, go through detox alone, but attend therapy and activities as a couple. Treatment programs are all similar but there must be small changes to how couples go through each phase. Phases include:

Couples who use drugs or drink alcohol together can fall into patterns of damaging behavior, whether they are using together or have separate addictions. They can be a significant support system to each other when they work as a team, developing a mutual understanding of what needs done to achieve and maintain sobriety. If they both want to improve their own lives and possibly that of their family, they can work on their ineffective communication skills, domestic violence, and avoidance behavior, while readjusting the negative coping skills that have taken over their once happy and fulfilling relationship. A toxic relationship can turn into a healthy one with effective coping mechanisms and interactions that are necessary to face life’s difficulties as one.

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