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Life is not always what we anticipate when we were children contemplating our futures. The happiness or distress that we feel is certainly what we make of it. That means that when someone has stumbled down the path of becoming addicted to drugs as a means to escape their reality, they can also make choices that veer them back onto a path with healthier decisions. People have different experiences that make up their past. They also have navigated different relationships with parents, partners, pets, and bosses. These events have helped form who they are.

Now picture two different people both losing their jobs. One spends their time at home feeling sorry for themselves while smoking a joint and the other applies to jobs every day and spends more time with his family. How people handle a difficult situation varies greatly, so what information and motivation they need to pick the path that’s best for them also varies. When someone has spiraled for a significant amount of time and cannot seem to get their mindset back into a healthy place that doesn’t rely on their drug of choice to function normally, they can find a one-year drug rehab program that can help them regain control of their life. 

What are the signs of drug abuse?

Addiction is a chronic condition in which the use of chemical substances changes the chemistry of the brain, increasing cravings and making it harder to fight urges. The physical and mental repercussions of drug addiction are obvious after someone has been using for an extended period of time. Drugs do not discriminate between its victims. Wealthy people can afford their drug of choice while those less fortunate simply barter or lose everything, from careers to relationships, to maintain their drug addiction. Someone can be analyzing their own life and want to see if they need help; however, with only 40% of addicts initiating the search for a facility, loved ones also need to know. Drugs affect every addict’s lives in similar ways, so what does a drug addict look like:

How do I know if I need a one-year drug rehab program?

Some people don’t think that they are addicted because their doctor prescribed their medication or a doctor friend gave them a script, so they justify it in their heads. Others don’t care that they are addicted and just appreciate the escape from typical responsibilities. Some people don’t even realize that they are addicted because it happens so quickly. What are the stages of becoming an addict?

So, who is the person that benefits more from a one-year rehab program compared to the standard program or short term drug rehab?

How do I choose a one-year drug rehab center?

Choosing to commit to a one-year program may be the only process that helps an addict create a whole new life for themselves. They may be living on the streets and suddenly discover a sense of hope for the future, so they want to do something about that. On the other hand, the addict may be a business professional who will have to cause upheaval with their employer and in their family’s lives to be absent for a significant amount of time to get the help that they need to return to life on a permanent basis. Since an addict is relying on this one-year program to be their salvation, giving them new life and hope, choosing it is extremely important. Some questions to ask may include:

What kind of treatments are expected in a one-year drug rehab program?

No matter the length of any program, customized treatments are designed at intake to suit each patient’s personality. Almost all of them include some variety of individual and group therapies, with increased intensity the longer it is. Those who require lengthier stays typically have a more severe addiction and need more concentrated attention. The person doesn’t have to be the initiator of the therapy for it to have a positive outcome. Some of the therapies include:

In a one-year drug rehab program, the days are shaped by each person’s customized plan. There is a schedule in place that is centered around their recovery goals with constant access to medical professionals and trained staff that are only there to assist you as you work toward a life that brings you happiness. There are also activities to remind each person of what makes them happy and what makes them want to live a long, healthy life. The peer support that is provided throughout the entire day is a constant source of support and learning. Interactions offer immeasurable benefits at group therapy, as well as during free times and meals. It shows patients that they are not alone in their journey. It took a long time for someone to get into the position that they are in. It will be a gradual process to crawl back out of the addiction hole and create a life of which they can be proud.

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