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The Hebrew Word for serenity is Shalvah, which is an achievable state of mind for anyone in the Jewish community who finds that they have put themselves in a difficult situation with drugs. A Jewish drug rehab center may be exactly what they need to return to their life of faith without feeling like they have let themselves or God down. The population outside the Jewish Orthodox community has a misconception that there is never a drug issue in a life of faith, but all humans face overwhelming experiences throughout their years on this planet. The Jewish population lives as a part of modern society, trying to make their decisions based on the trust that doctors will respect their beliefs. They believe that God is guiding the hands of the medical personnel caring for them. Whether an anti-anxiety pill has been prescribed to a woman facing a crisis or an injury led to a pain killer addiction as a relief for pain, anyone who has realized that they are no longer abiding by the laws that help them connect with their God can rely on a Jewish Drug Rehab Center to help them return to the life that had once made them happy.

What is the difference between Jewish-based and traditional drug rehab?

Anyone who has had to face the reality that they have a drug addiction knows how overwhelming it can be to admit, even to themselves. Adding in the element of guilt and shame where an addict may feel that they are letting God down can make it an almost unbearable awareness. Being surrounded by peers and familiar activities and interests makes the success of sustained sobriety a likelihood, and this is where a Jewish drug rehab center can be extremely helpful. A Jew’s life is guided by the Torah, which consists of the five books of Moses. Over 613 commandments exist in the Torah, and knowing how to accommodate the plethora of laws to which faith-based people must abide can be a challenge to those who aren’t familiar with them. A Jewish drug rehab center bases its curriculum and activities on important aspects of the Jewish faith, which can include:

What services I can expect at a Jewish Drug Rehab Center?

Having an addiction to drugs changes the entire way your brain functions, making it difficult to recognize reality from drug-induced thoughts. The basic therapies that exist in every drug therapy program are similar, but the extracurricular activities at each center are customized to each person’s needs. You want a facility to provide basic therapies that treat exactly what you are experiencing and do so with counselors who are also Jewish. Treatments offered may include:

The Jewish community must function in the modern world while upholding their relationship to God, so having a drug rehab program centered around their beliefs allows them to get the treatment they need without compromising the values that they hold so dear. Each person’s journey back to their faith is their own and should never be forced. They can be as involved or uninvolved in the activities at the center as their comfort level allows, but attending group and individual therapy sessions is essential to recovery. Jewish drug rehab centers typically have Rabbis lecture on topics such as spiritual healing and being a Jew in drug addiction recovery. They also talk about standard shiurim on Parsha HaShavuah and faith. They try to make the atmosphere as comfortable and familiar as possible to facilitate a successful recovery without relapses. The hope is that they find themselves back in control of their life and reconnected with their God and family.

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