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The average woman in the modern world juggles a wide range of responsibilities. Many want to have a fulfilling career, a loving relationship, and everything in between. When alcohol turns into the crutch that helps them ease the tension of a busy day, an alcohol rehab facility centered around the specific issues a woman faces may be the best next step. With all the hard work that women put into their lives, they deserve to have times in which they can focus on their own well-being. Having the occasional glass of wine in the evenings can escalate to needing it every night just to slow her mind and body down. Maybe she wants to feel relaxed after a rough morning and adds a shot of Bailey’s to her coffee. Add some whipped cream, and it’s fancy.

No one is the wiser, until you get into a car accident because of it. It was the middle of the day, so the police didn’t even think they had to check your blood alcohol level. That’s the best-case scenario for you at this point and hopefully you realize your mistake and don’t ever drink and drive again. However, an addict will not wake up to their mistake. Maybe the next time she actually kills someone. No one ever thinks it will happen to them, but what started as a way to relax has turned into a tragic situation with legal, moral, personal, and professional ramifications. Before someone puts themselves in that disastrous situation, they should call an alcohol rehab center that focuses on the issues that plague women. They can regain control of their life and return to the hope that they had for their future.

How does alcohol affect women differently than men?

Humans are all created equally until it comes to how the body reacts to the hormones, structure, and chemistry of which they are made. The probability of a man drinking alcohol and in larger amounts is higher; however, women absorb more of it and take longer to metabolize and clear it from their systems. Knowing how each gender reacts to alcohol consumption leads to the belief that it can cause more physical health issues in women.

Society has different expectations of each gender, and they feel them deeply. When a family decides that the woman will be the one to go back to work after their baby is born, she may feel guilty for thriving in her career while the man feels guilty for not having a thriving career. Women are also more likely to experience sexual assault, like rape and childhood sexual abuse. Only 12% of cases are reported, so they continue on their path in life, suppressing the emotional damage or dealing with it on their own. This may be the first layer of trauma, and when the worries of trying to maintain adult responsibilities pile on top of it, it can cause a variety of depression and anxiety issues.

Being in an alcohol rehab center that is geared solely toward women and the positive and negative aspects that they all share can be exactly what helps their recovery be successful. Some of the most common issues found in a woman’s life that can lead to low self-esteem and the need to be more assertive are:

How do I know if I need rehab?

Women who return too quickly to the stresses in their lives after recovering from addiction may easily relapse. Matter of fact, women relapse more often than men. Decisions about whether inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation is better depends on each situation with factors that include:

How do I choose an alcohol rehab program for women only?

With many types of alcohol rehabs available, including inpatient alcohol rehab, as well as outpatient alcohol rehab centers, there are some questions you may want to ask when deciding which alcohol rehab facility to attend:

How do I pay for an alcohol rehab center for women?

Choosing the right alcohol rehab facility for women is based on a variety of factors, and cost is one of them. Government-funded rehab centers were established to help those who have either no or low income so that they can get the necessary help. Comprehensive programs that are private and offer multiple amenities are also offered to get women back on their feet. The patient will pay accordingly. Someone who is worried about how they are going to afford it should not give up hope, because there are a variety of options. Possibilities include:

What kinds of rehab are available?

Just like drug rehab for women, many alcohol rehab programs cater to the needs of a remarkably diverse population of women. A female-only drug rehab can be in- or outpatient, but all of them focus on peer support and being surrounded by those who can appreciate what they are going through. With modern technology, online options are available in many of the categories. Some treatments include:

Individuals who start drinking don’t do so with the intention of becoming addicted to it. While one woman started as a teenager and had it escalate quickly or another started when they became overwhelmed with children, job, and family. Regardless of the situation in which a woman finds herself, she can turn to the support and bond that runs deep among women by finding an alcohol rehab center geared toward helping only females. Not only can excess drinking ruin relationships and finances, but it also increases the risk of vehicle accidents, violence, and long-term health issues, such as liver and heart diseases and birth defects in those who pregnant and using. For women who have taken inventory of their lives and discovered that they cannot blame the people that they were once close to for walking away can find help. It’s never too late to avoid the repercussions that either already have or will plague your life because of too much alcohol consumption.

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