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Learning from experience is a part of life; however, not everyone is equipped to handle those occurrences in the healthiest of ways. When someone has gradually ruined their relationships, jobs, and other parts of their lives due to an addiction to drugs and has tried but not gained any benefit from a traditional drug rehab program, a long-term one may be just the thing to give them the motivation and help they need to love their life once again. Someone who has a more difficult time handling the stressors that arise in their lives, whether they are CEOs, men, women, teenagers or seniors, may rely on the use of different drugs to help ease their anxiety and depression. They may even just feel like it helps them to escape, even if temporarily. Those who have been finding relief in drugs for years may have let parts of their lives go and blamed others instead of blaming their drug dependency.

When individuals have found that they are missing the partners who moved on without them or they are facing legal repercussions from neglect of finances or driving while under the influence, it may be more difficult to clear their systems of the addiction that has been created. This is where a more comprehensive solution may be necessary, which can be found at the programs offered in a long-term drug rehab and addiction treatment center. 

How do I know if I need a long-term drug rehab and treatment facility?

Whether someone is taking inventory of their own life or they are watching a loved one destroy their life, there are signs to look for that indicate if someone would benefit from a long- versus short-term rehab program. Honesty is best when trying to decide what is the most suitable course of action to take, and talking to a center can help answer many questions. The following questions can help make decisions based on logic:

How does a long-term drug rehab program differ from short-term?

There are basic steps that have been shown to provide the means that increase the chances of success when someone is searching for sobriety. The basic process involves:

We are going to focus on the rehabilitation process. A traditional drug rehab treatment program lasts anywhere from 30 to 90 days. 30 days is a typical commitment, but no program is cut and dried and works for everyone who participates in it. Long-term drug rehab and treatment centers offer inpatient therapies that is dependent on the need of the patient and the program. A wide variety of intense modalities are employed, especially with a dual diagnosis.  People usually stay at long-term rehab center for six to twelve months, which can vary with the results from their initial intake assessment. They focus on resocialization and creating a healthier thought process when facing stressful situations.

What are the benefits of a long-term drug rehab program?

Those who have never experienced addiction may have a hard time believing that being able to stop on your own is an issue; however, it cannot simply be resolved by the sudden cessation of using the drug of choice. Someone who does lines of cocaine in the bathroom at work cannot just quit their job and expect to be free of the urge to seek out the drug. Even if they do leave their job for an upgrade and stop for a time, the next time they are triggered, they may go back to it, because they haven’t learned coping mechanisms that can prevent them from going into a downward spiral. The underlying issues of why someone is using the drugs in the first place must be addressed and resolved, and long-term rehab and treatment centers can do this. Their intense therapies allow addicts to heal so that they can attain true recovery.

Research has proven that treatment is likely to be the most effective if it lasts at least 90 days. This is especially true for those who have been relying on more addictive, dangerous drugs for long periods of time. Addicts who are going back to an unsupportive social structure and rehab, or a life that is filled with triggers, can benefit from the extended therapies that remove them from the harmful environment, patterns, and stressors that have led them to abuse the drugs in the first place. Long-term facilities have shown the most success at helping addicts who have even abused drugs for decades. Short-term programs can work, but they are not likely to counteract the behaviors and decisions that have guided the life of someone who has used half their life.

It only takes three to 10 weeks to form a habit, and people are naïve if they think that someone can be overcome an addiction in only a 30-day drug rehab center. That timeframe doesn’t even include the physical changes that the drug makes to the brain, elevating the cravings. Breaking a habit is dependent on how long it’s been done, how integrated into life it is, the desire to break it, and what motivation exists to do so. This is not only true for something as simple as biting one’s nails, but also applies to breaking the drug habit. After detox and ridding the system of the chemical, the psychological dependency needs addressed.

Maybe started with a coworker doling out the benefits of Adderall every morning before work starts to get you through the day. Breaking that habit can take more than just telling him no. Clinical trials have shown that it can possibly take 18 to 254 days to even stop a simple obsession, depending on the depth of its involvement in your life. This being said, a long-term drug rehab and treatment center offers life-changing therapies that resolve either the habit or the underlying trauma that put you there in the first place. It removes you from the situation while addressing those issues, and also teaches you the coping mechanisms and how to recognize the triggers and avoid them for the future. It is never too late, and it isn’t impossible to improve one’s financial situation by finding a job. Finding a good place to live can be done. Taking control of your life is something that is highly attainable with the help that a long-term drug rehab and treatment center can provide.

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