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Drugs do not discriminate against age, social classification, and gender; however, society does, so finding a drug rehab geared toward the challenges that men face can help them recover from their abusive path. Looking on the inside of a human reveals the same basic structure. Gender differences are obvious physically, but on the inside, we have hormones that also dictate how our brains and bodies react to situations. One of the statistics states then men are more likely to abuse drugs than women. They may find solace in a drug rehab facility that caters directly to the issues that a man faces on a daily basis. How society views men and women differ greatly. Honesty, morality, and professional success are valued in a man, while physical beauty, empathy, and a nurturing nature are appreciated in women.

The pressures that each one faces also varies according to what value they hold to society. Men face a great deal of pressure to be head of the family, keeping them physically and financially secure. Not only do peers place these pressures on them, they also do it to themselves. So, when life becomes overwhelming, the occasional smoking of a joint with friends can turn into taking narcotics nightly to get some sleep. Younger generations who have found that they enjoy experimenting and became hooked on heroin or meth can also find the help they need at a drug rehab facility geared specifically toward helping men face the pressures that life has loaded upon them.

What pressures do men face in society?

The differences are clear when looking at the physical attributes of a man versus a woman, but the outside world also categorizes them in their expectations. So, what is expected of men? According to studies, they should:

When any of these expectations are not met, it can lead to a decline of self-esteem and the feeling that they are unworthy of love. Men are also seen as being less “manly” when they have excess of the following characteristics:

They walk an extremely fine line when society wants them to have a great career but doesn’t want them to be too ambitious. Not only do men feel that they have to live up to the requirements of society, but they also must live up to what their family and friends think, as well as what they think of themselves. For those who become overwhelmed with life may cave to the escape that drugs can offer them.

How is drug abuse among men different when compared to women?

Drug abuse is an important matter in both males and females, but differences in the components of how the body and brain of each gender handles drugs is different.

How do I know if I need rehab?

It is obvious that a drug addict needs help when they are living on the streets searching for the next hit or if someone has lost their marriage and license because of it. Recognizing that there is a drug problem can be difficult for those who gradually slid into it. Taking inventory of one’s actions can help them decide if it’s time that they seek professional help. Some questions to ask oneself include:

A drug addict doesn’t have to be experiencing all of these symptoms, but at least two of them. If he digs deep enough, he will know the answer anyway, and there could be a problem if he’s even asking these questions of himself. Being addicted to any substance can be exhausting, and it’s never too late to get help. If you are religious, you should also considering looking into Christian drug rehab and Jewish drug rehab options. They can provide an additional, faith-based layer of treatment that can be invaluable when it comes to curing drug addiction.

How does a men-only drug rehab facility differ from a standard one?

There are many types of rehabs, including inpatient drug rehab as well as outpatient drug rehab and luxury drug rehab. But why do some addicts choose men-only rehab centers? Men have been taught their whole lives to be the strong one in every situation. As shown in the statistics above, they are even looked down upon if they are too emotional. Being stoic is seen as a positive quality in a man, so learning how to analyze oneself and the feelings that may have caused the slide into abuse in the first place can be a challenge. Drug rehab centers for men are different from drug rehab centers for women and focus on many challenges that face male recovery:

While men face similar circumstances throughout their lives, there are still variations as to what pressures they experience. Whether a young adult has found an escape in heroin even though friends have died from the drug or a CEO finds a line of cocaine gives him the energy to survive a day, drug rehab centers for men customize their treatment programs to each person’s needs. No man makes the choice to become an addict, but they can choose to take back the reins of their life, reestablishing relationships and responsibilities that were lost due to their drug use. Drug rehabs that concentrate on problems that plague a man’s life and personality may be exactly what is necessary to return to a happy life.

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