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Polysubstance abuse, or polydrug abuse, is the misuse of any combination of drugs, and it is imperative to find a treatment center that treats that specific issue. A statistic can be found regarding virtually every drug combination, and many of them are associated with the possibility of overdose. About 120 deaths from overdosing on opioids are recorded in the United States every day with a great deal of those being taken with another substance, such as alcohol or benzos. It may have started when your partner was home recovering from surgery and was prescribed an opioid pain killer, like Vicodin. They were extremely anxious due to the diagnosis they received and was also prescribed Xanax to help them handle the news a little better. In addition to that, they consumed a bottle of wine every night, which was simply for enjoyment. This is the perfect example of how polysubstance abuse can entwine itself in someone’s life.

What are the risks of polysubstance abuse?

Each class of drugs is accompanied by benefits; however, when they are used in combination with others, the effects can be devastating. For example, someone may know their limit on how much marijuana they can consume to control their level of anxiety. They have also taken LSD in the past so they know how much of that they can safely consume to keep themselves grounded. They take a tab of acid and start to come down a few hours later, so they naively take their typical marijuana brownie as always. Within an hour, it has turned into the worst nightmare they ever experienced. Their anxiety and paranoia have shut down her other senses, and she her brain bounces between wondering if she would even feel it if she cut herself and bled out. She alternates between that and hyperawareness of feeling every rush of blood and muscle movement. Increased toxicity is only one of the side effects. What are the other dangers involved in using two or more drugs together?

What are the steps in polysubstance abuse treatment?

Some people are simply addicted to finding the euphoric feeling that drugs and alcohol provide. It does not matter what substance they use. It is a different type of abuse in that someone is not using simply to avoid the occurrence of withdrawal symptoms. They are solely looking for a high anywhere they can find it. This can be witnessed in someone living on the streets, avoiding the emotions behind their circumstances in any way possible, but it can also be found in a housewife wondering if this is all there is and constantly popping pills while drinking. Polydrug addicts are also looking for a good “drug synergy”, which is the amplified sensation of a combination. They are chasing the unique high they find in the mixture they have chosen. The steps to take when someone decides or is forced into treatment include:

What are the best therapies for the most successful recovery from polysubstance abuse?

Polydrug abuse is extremely difficult to treat, because the person never wants to stop seeking the high. While combining drugs is not uncommon, resolving the situation is unique when compared to trying to treat someone addicted to one type of drug. The goals of any program should be to:

The therapies used in the goal of getting the patient to not want to seek the high anymore can include:

The person reading this is most likely watching a loved one spiral the drain of addiction and is not sure what to do about it. Or perhaps you are the addict and realize that you need help to stop ruining your life. Many people go down the path of using drugs to let go of how they feel about their life. It is not uncommon to engage in polysubstance abuse, which can cause life-threatening conditions. The key to recovery is learning how to deal with situations, because you will return to life and still have to handle stressful situations that arise. Adding in a mental health component only makes things worse, so finding the treatment that suits your best will be the key to prevention and resolution. Anyone can regain control of their life and have hope for a happy future when they take advantage of the services in a polysubstance abuse treatment facility.

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