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It isn’t unheard of for teenagers to experiment with everything from drugs to their independence. However, when experiment has graduated to a loss of control and they become addicted to a substance, they can benefit from comprehensive services of a teen drug and alcohol rehab center. There is a difference between dependence on drugs and/or alcohol and experimenting with them. With both being forbidden fruit, the appeal is irresistible to a teenager. These are the years in which they transition from relying on their parents for everything to establishing their independence. Their responsibilities are increasing with learning to drive and getting a job. They are trying to get good grades to prepare for college, earn money to possibly purchase their first car, and still feel the need for hugs and kisses when they are watching a movie with their mother.

Not only are they torn between being a child and entering adulthood, but their hormones are raging higher than ever. Approximately 180,000 individuals between 12 and 17 were diagnosed with and treated for substance abuse in 2016, and those were only the ones that sought help. This is also in addition to the 880,000 in the same age group who used opioid pain killers inappropriately.  With all the stress that they are experiencing, those who turn to the numbing effects of drugs or alcohol can find help in a drug and alcohol rehab center aimed specifically at treating teens to get them back on track to live a fulfilling life.

How do I know if my teen has a drug or alcohol problem?

It can be difficult to approach any drug or alcohol addict with the intention of calling them out on their abuse, but teenagers who are already rebelling may deny needing any parental help whatsoever. Teens face unique challenges and can be exceptionally defiant. There are signs that can be indicators that point toward the fact that they are headed toward drug or alcohol abuse, and they can include:

Despite how much parents are devastated and worried about their children, teens don’t always want help. They don’t realize that misuse of chemical substances can dramatically affect the development of an adolescent brain, as well as increase the likelihood that they will have a substance abuse disorder as an adult. With the rebellious nature and thinking that they have it under control, their drug and alcohol issues often need the help of medical and mental health professionals.

Where do I start when my teen needs addiction help?

When a parent believes that their teenager is unsuspectingly spiraling into a life of drug and/or alcohol abuse, they sometimes do not know where to turn. The first step can be to make an appointment with their pediatrician, family doctor who knows them well, or a school counselor. They can go directly to a drug and alcohol rehab center as well, since they will perform an assessment during their evaluation process to determine the extent of therapy required on an individual basis.

What can I expect at a teen drug and alcohol rehab center?

While each person’s experience in drug and alcohol addiction is different, their journey is based on four basic phases of treatment, which include:

When a baby is born, their parents gaze upon them and imagine their bright future. They grow into a toddler and push their boundaries in their pre-teens as their loving parents picture all the positivity that their personality can put forth into the world, so when we see that they have either met the wrong friends or their academic efforts have begun to limit the possibilities of their future, we are devastated. We want them to have the wisdom that we have acquired throughout the years of our experiences that they don’t have yet. Seeking out a drug and alcohol rehab center that will accommodate the unique needs of teenagers will provide the necessary guidance to help them regain control of their lives. It’s hard to turn over the precious responsibility of taking over the care of our child, but when they are having a problem with which we cannot help, we must trust the knowledge and experiences of those who deal with those issues on a daily basis.

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