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Living with any chronic illness alters the lives of not only the patient, but also of everyone around them. Someone who has fallen into the clutches of alcohol can regain control of their life by calling a long-term alcohol rehab and treatment center, whether it is on an inpatient basis or outpatient basis. Perhaps a drunk driver caused a car accident because they were out with the boys one night and thought that they could handle driving home. They have done this before but never gotten caught. With an impending court date, they may stop drinking and focus on turning their life around for a while, not wanting to be a statistic or part of the stigma. They stop their drinking and reestablish happiness with their family.

Not long later, they are let go at work and go straight to the bar to drown their sorrows. They find that they have the time to imbibe in the thing that makes them feel better, alcohol. They may not recognize that they have been triggered and can’t fight the urge that is now becoming a part of their daily existence. Alcohol doesn’t discriminate whose life it rips apart, so those who would like to retrieve the happiness that was once a part of their lives can find the help they need in a customized program at a long-term alcohol rehab and treatment facilities.

How do I know if I know if I need long-term alcohol rehab?

Choosing a rehab program is a decision that will affect your entire future, physically and mentally. You will divulge a great deal of aspects that you like and dislike about yourself, your life, and your loved ones. Some will even hear the deepest secrets that you thought you could never recall again. It is even possible that the treatment won’t be as successful as you had hoped, and you end up reentering the program. This is one of the signs that a long-term treatment might be a better choice for you. Short-term alcohol programs tend to be intense for about 30 days; however, studies show that 90 is the most optimal length of time for successful rehabilitation. Long-term rehab may provide the best help for those who:

How do I choose an inpatient alcohol rehab center?

One of the biggest choicest when it comes to rehabilitation of an alcohol problem is enrolling in the program that offers them the best treatment for their situation. It is essential to the future of how they recover and contributes to them being able stay the course of sobriety. So, what should be considered?

What are the benefits of a long-term alcohol rehab program?

Watching someone you love make their lives more difficult by how much and how often they are drunk can be devastating. The only thing that we want to do is help, but that user will only get better if they genuinely want to help themselves. Committing to avoiding the use of alcohol is best achieved by seeking out professional help. Unwinding years of abuse cannot be achieved overnight and not always in 30 days. Many of the reasons that caused the extended abuse was to push down someone’s dysfunctional thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, and unraveling that damage happens gradually.

The underlying issues of why someone is using the alcohol in the first place need to be addressed and resolved, and long-term rehab and treatment centers are designed to help someone do just that. Intense therapies allow addicts to heal so that they can help a previous user realize genuine recovery. Long-term facilities have shown the most success at helping addicts who have even abused drugs for decades. Short-term programs can work, but they are not likely to counteract the behaviors and decisions that have guided the life of someone who has used half their life.

What kind of counseling does a long-term inpatient alcohol rehab center use?

When someone is just starting their journey toward recovery, their therapy will be extremely intense. This is because this is the point at which they will be at their weakest physically and vulnerable emotionally. The customized treatment that was formed based on the results of the intake assessments involves a variety of therapies that have been deemed effective to your situation. The therapies will help replace the negative thoughts and destructive behavioral patterns with positivity and coping mechanisms for life’s stressors. Therapies can include:

There may also be other daily responsibilities that someone in recovery might not be equipped to handle as of yet, such as taking new or existing medications. The facility also takes care of medication management according to a doctor’s suggestions.

Between the extensive therapy appointments, there are meal and free times. These times are part of recovery as they allow interaction with peers also living there. It helps people gain accountability, inspiration, acceptance within a group, and their self-confidence. While they are reentering a life in which they had created issues, they possess the hope of a new future. Being housed away from their typical triggers, which could be a job, friends, or family, has allowed them the space to create their own dialogue with which they can deal with problems as they arise when they are planting themselves back into a role that they left for treatment. They will need the support of everyone around them. They have put the hard work in at a long-term alcohol rehab and treatment center that has given them their life back.

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