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You are in the hospital for a major surgery and find that the typical pain medicine they are putting in the IV is not offering the relief that you had anticipated. The doctors decide to give you fentanyl in hopes of relieving the pain, and you end up in need of a fentanyl addiction treatment program within the year because of the constant pain of recovery. The potency of fentanyl gives you a hazy existence that is almost pain free. When used appropriately and according to the standards of medicine, fentanyl is considered safe and effective for relieving pain; however, its presence on the streets is resulting in a plethora of not only addictions, but deaths due to overdoses. Dealers often lace heroin with fentanyl and even replace it. Since users think that they are getting the lower potency of heroin, they take their normal dose and OD. It is not an uncommon story to hear about someone waking up in the emergency room pulled back from the brink of death by overdose or someone facing the death of a loved one from fentanyl-laced heroin.

What is fentanyl and why is it so dangerous?

Fentanyl is designated as a substance that is high in potential for abuse and addiction. It is a highly effective pain killer for those who live with chronic discomfort and either have adverse reactions to or have built a tolerance to other narcotics. It works by increasing production of dopamine, causing a euphoria and blocking pain receptors. It also produces a calming effect, slows breathing, and relaxes muscles. It is customarily prescribed as a patch, but it also comes in other forms. Even the smallest dose can be fatal to a child. There is such a small difference between the proper dose and a lethal one that following the doctor’s directions is extremely essential to using it safely. Fentanyl changes the chemistry of the brain and can lead to addiction very quickly.

As an illicit drug, fentanyl is extremely dangerous, offering a potency of 100 times more than morphine and 50 times more than heroin. It was developed as a pain reliever for cancer patients but has become a danger to those who are seeking it on the streets. Recent years have seen a dramatic increase in the amount of opioid deaths on American streets. This is because fentanyl is mixed into other opioids, such as heroin, and a user unknowingly takes it at the same dose as usual. Over 70% of those who overdose annually have been found to be from opioid use. With the strength being dramatically higher than what people think they are using; it is too late when they realize what they shot into their veins.

How do I recognize a fentanyl addiction in someone?

Many patients have a false belief that opioids that are prescribed by their doctor don’t offer them the risk of becoming addicted. They don’t believe that they would be given them if they were similar at all to the notorious properties of heroin and other common street drugs; however, there is a high potential for abuse no matter the method of administration. With the impact on the central nervous system, it can change the way someone behaves — including, but not limited to:

What should someone expect in fentanyl addiction treatment?

Someone who chooses to suddenly stop using fentanyl rarely puts their life in danger, but withdrawal can be a miserable experience. The physical pain and other unpleasant symptoms are the main reasons why many individuals have a hard time trying to stop taking the drug on their own. The severity of withdrawal depends on a few factors:

The basics of getting back to a life without the use of fentanyl is similar to when someone needs to stop using other opioids. Effective treatment centers will use a variety of therapies but all of them employ the same basic structure:

How should someone choose a fentanyl addiction treatment program?

Fighting the constant urge to use fentanyl is going to take over the person who is trying to recover, so finding a program that is flexible and customized according to their needs will help prevent relapses. What questions should you ask before enrolling?

Fentanyl is increasingly taking away the youth of America when addicts are unknowingly taking more potent combinations; however, many addicts who love the effects are intentionally taking it for the intense high that it provides. It is so strong that even one dose can lead to overdose when someone doesn’t have experience with it. Instead of living in fear as you watch others die from taking too much fentanyl or witnessing the downslide of a loved one, fentanyl addiction treatment programs can help addicts pull themselves back from the edge.

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