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Every faith, race, and social class must function together in the modern world. Most social events offer alcohol as an option. It is legal and easy to access, so relying it to enjoy an experience is effortless. Even individuals in the Jewish community are allowed to have a drink or two. It is even required in some rituals. However, when the overuse of it becomes a concern and begins to interfere with someone’s life, a Jewish alcohol rehab center can help bring them back to their roots.

Judaism is a religion that had established itself over 4,000 years ago and bases its principles on the Torah, the five books of Moses. With about 15 million in the Jewish community around the world, 80% of them live in the United States and Israel. Their religion doesn’t deter them from drinking alcohol in moderation, but they are still human and can unsuspectingly slide down the slippery slope that leads to alcoholism. A Jewish alcohol rehab center can keep surround them by familiar behaviors and activities, offering a better chance at recovery and sustained sobriety in the long run.

Is alcohol abuse even a problem among Jews?

Many people who are not involved in the Jewish community don’t recognize that those who dedicate their lives to God could possibly have an addiction to alcohol. There is a stigma attached to it within the community even though approximately 41% of Jewish individuals know someone who is currently battling some kind of substance abuse. In one study, hospitals realized that only 1% of those admitted for a health issue related to drinking were Jewish.

Society attaches a stereotype and stigma to anyone with an alcohol problem, but Jews feel ostracized due to the shame and pain others may experience due to their affliction. The possibility of punishment can lead to lower numbers of addictions in the Jewish community; however, few of those that do become dependent on alcohol seek help because of those repercussions as well. Part of the misconceptions involve the following false beliefs among the members of the community, also causing them to remain silent:

Many Jewish leaders understand that those of the Jewish faith are human like everyone else in the world and are attempting to encourage those who are silently suffering from alcohol addiction in their community to step forward and get the help they need with the support of everyone around them.

How is a Jewish Alcohol Rehab Center different than a standard one?

Once someone admits that they have a problem, choosing where they go to get the help that they need and deserve is the biggest decision that they will make. It can make or break one’s long-term success in detox, recovery, and maintenance. A potential participant in any Jewish alcohol rehab center must ask relevant questions to determine if it meets their specific needs. The main objectives should look similar to the following:

What kinds of therapies can I expect at a Jewish Alcohol Rehab Center?

When a person in any faith feels a disconnect with the God that they so adamantly try to please, they can become heartbroken and feel a shame that gives them a sense of unworthiness, making them rely on the numbing effects of alcohol even more. All alcohol rehab centers provide the same basic resolutions:

Once someone detoxes and goes through the recovery, they will need a strong social support system, as well as one filled with people who are dealing with the same issues in their Jewish community and internally. While sober living homes are a very popular option among alcoholics who have already completed detox and rehab, 12-step programs are a great way for recovering alcoholics to maintain the sobriety that they worked so hard to achieve. They can be adapted to many different circumstances and create an awareness of the impact that abuse has on themselves and on others. Peers provide advice and a sense of fellowship, helping to reestablish relationships with others and with God. One example of a Jewish 12-step program involves the following:

  1. They admit that they have a hard time managing their life because of alcohol.
  2. They believe that a greater power can restore their sanity.
  3. They dedicate their lives to God.
  4. They take moral inventory of themselves.
  5. They admit to God, themselves, and another person their specific wrongdoings.
  6. They are ready to have God take away their shortcomings.
  7. They ask Him to do so.
  8. They must list and be willing to amend relationships with those who they have wronged.
  9. They will make direct amends to those people unless it hurts them or others.
  10. They will continue personal inventory and admit it when they are wrong.
  11. They pray and meditate for knowledge of God’s will and to improve their connection with Him.
  12. They had a spiritual awakening because of this process, practice these principles in all efforts, and carry the message to others in the same situation.

There is also Modeh Ani, a seven-step prayer to be repeated daily with the goal of regaining personal discipline and strengthening their spiritual connection. Facing alcoholism transparently and openly is the most effective way to gain hold of the very thing that threatens to control them.

The abuse of alcohol can cause harm not only to the addict, but also to everyone around them. The physical and emotional repercussions can be extensive, and with alcohol, someone may have to hit rock bottom and experience dire consequences before they even realize that their life is rapidly spiraling out of control. No one should have to suffer in silence or feel that they are alone, and the goal of Jewish Alcohol Rehab Centers is to support and help those in need with the comforting prayers and meditations found in their faith. They can simultaneously rely on evidence-based therapies while feeding their soul. The Jewish lifestyle is based on a strong foundation of physical, emotional, and spiritual growth, which can help them regain control of their life and find the happiness that they strived so hard to attain.

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