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While many people have trusted the medical field for many years to cure their ailments, there is a growing trend that focuses on the brain and body being able to heal itself with assistance from non-invasive techniques and no harmful chemicals. This holistic approach focuses on the person as a whole … mind, body, and spirit. When someone has backed themselves into a corner with drug or alcohol addiction and wants to surround themselves with techniques that satisfy their psychological and physical needs, a holistic drug rehab center may be exactly the treatment they need to see progress. Programs around the world are realizing that a cookie cutter approach will not work on everyone, so programs have been created that are designed to appeal to the interests of a vast array of personalities. By reminding addicts of what once made them happy, teaching them coping mechanisms and how to avoid their triggers, a holistic drug and rehab center can truly help them to regain control of their life and attain the dreams that they put off for so long.

What does holistic rehab mean?

Holistic views something as whole and not as a collection of distinctive systems or parts. The components may have their own functions, but by treating the whole entity, each system will balance out. In medical terms, the treatment of the whole person takes into consideration the psychological and social implications of an issue, not just the physical symptoms. The spiritual component of a human is a mysterious force with a profound energy. People who are committed to remain in drug and alcohol rehab and treatment do so partly because they feel a strong sense of personal satisfaction. This is key in helping them stay committed.

With the stressors and distractions that everyone faces throughout their lives, achieving a sense of wholeness and fulfillment can be something attained with the right program. Alcohol, marijuana, prescription medications, and more may cause someone to think that they are alleviating their stress, but it is only a temporary relief. The neglect that is being done to the brain, body, and spirit, as well as everyone around them is justified as the chemical composition of the brain is changed due to the drugs, but there is help and hope.

Are holistic techniques effective at treating substance abuse?

Natural healing provides soothing and balancing properties, which benefit addiction treatment in a number of ways, such as:

What are some examples of holistic addiction treatment?

Holistic addiction treatment is also referred to as alternative, complementary, or naturopathic medicine. People who wish to avoid the harmful side effects that drugs and alcohol can produce use holistic treatments to balance their bodies when they are facing emotional stress and physical illnesses. Everyone makes mistakes, so when someone either turns toward a life of more natural healing or has always lived their life as holistically as they could, they can heal the root cause of their drug and alcohol abuse with these alternative approaches. The goal is to repair the brain and heal the soul while getting in touch with one’s inner self, once again balancing the mind and body. 12-step programs have the same goal, a connection to self once again. Holistic programs pride themselves on healing the energy field, which is the basis of all life.

Traditional rehabs consider alcohol and drug addictions a chronic illness that requires management for the rest of the previous user’s life. Holistic rehab centers try to avoid that sense of hopelessness by treating the deep emotional issues that triggered the abuse. It instills a sense of hope for the happy future of which someone has always dreamed and lets them know that it is, indeed, highly likely not to be the statistic that relapses. It may not feel like it at the time, but recovery from drug or alcohol addiction is a unique opportunity to transform one’s life into one that focuses on the future and heals from past negativity.  Anyone who takes advantage of this integrative approach is treating themselves as a whole instead of rehabilitating each part that is displaying issues. Holistic treatment programs are dedicated specifically to energy healing, and with the lack of scientific research supporting it, there are many more that integrate holistic treatments into an evidence-based program. Finding the program that suits each person will result in the best chance at recovery and maintaining sobriety in order to live a fulfilling and happy life.

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