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Picturing an alcoholic or drug addict can cause a person to go down the path that society has taught them through moves and songs. Stereotype thinking takes over in the human mind of a decrepit, homeless person barely able to function. Only about 9% of drug and alcohol abusers actually fit into the chronic, severe category. There is no economic status, age, education, race, or gender that isn’t affected by negative ramifications that can be found when someone becomes addicted to drugs and/or alcohol. There is a wide selection of treatment centers, from government funded to luxury detox, to treat drug or alcohol addiction. The latter are the centers in which those for whom money is of little concern can receive more of the amenities to which they are accustomed. While money is one of the great divides throughout the world, it essentially opens up an array of options for those who wish to seek help and earn an above normal salary. Staying in the lifestyle to which one normally lives is important in recovering and maintaining sobriety.

Deciding to get help for an addiction is the first and most difficult part of recovery, but the next step is to clear the chemicals from the body, or detoxify it. While some people think that they can achieve this process on their own, it can be exceedingly dangerous, even fatal, if not monitored by medical professionals. There are different levels of detox facilities that offer a variety of affordable options and amenities. There are considerations to debate for people who have decided to take this next step on the road to recovery. Luxury detox for drug or alcohol addiction is the perfect solution to help them find their own path.

What is detox?

Whether someone has a hard day at work and looks forward to coming home to two fingers of scotch or another ends up doing lines of coke in the bathroom at work and loses their job, taking the step to regain control of their life starts with realizing there is a problem. Chronic abuse can lead to physical and mental addiction, which is knowing a substance does and will continue to cause harm yet ingesting it anyway. Not only does detox rid the body of the abused substance, but it changes the chemical composition of the brain. Detox is the first step to rewiring the brain to not crave the substance and can be fatal if not properly monitored. This is where medications are administered to ease the body’s reaction to the dependency to which it has become accustomed. Withdrawal can take anywhere from days to months, depending on the following factors:

Using medications, like suboxone or methadone, to ease serious withdrawal symptoms can lessen the degree of suffering, which be severe to include:

However, some physical responses unavoidable, such as:

What is the difference between luxury and standard detox?

Being in a more relaxed detox atmosphere that is monitored is generally the safest option for most people. Everyone’s reaction to the chemical withdrawal is different. Two people can swallow the same pill for the same amount of time and one-person handles detox much differently. Individuals in high powered positions sometimes feel the pressure to perform at a certain level and put everything that they are into their careers. Swallowing a pill is not only a danger to someone’s health for that small chance to decompress, but it also can hinder the chance that someone seeks treatment, because they don’t want to miss any work.

Choosing a luxury detox drug or alcohol abuse center is akin to staying at a nice resort or hotel. While attempting to make detox as comfortable as possible, they also offer personal privacy and the ability to maintain personal and professional responsibilities. Unlike standard facilities, luxury, executive detox facilities may feature:

Patients may agree to a higher price tag, but they also offer more amenities, which may include:

How to choose the right luxury detox treatment center for drug and alcohol abuse.

Not wanting to leave work for an extended time, and not wanting to feel like they are abandoning their family are common reasons for those working at higher levels to not even want to admit that they have a problem in the first place. They can view it from the sense that the sooner they go, the better they will be able to get back to work and be involved in their family’s lives like they used to be before they started down the slippery slope of addiction. Some factors involved in choosing the right facility include:

Methods of treatment don’t work the same for everyone and luxury centers may have the capability of helping people in a more customized manner. 

When someone has become addicted, their brain and body have become used to functioning with the drug in their system. When the drug is suddenly taken away, it takes time and energy to revert back to a healthier, non-drug dependent way of life. If a high-profile life in the spotlight or even a high stress CEO has lost sight of what’s important due to the pressure they live through on a daily basis, a luxury detox for drug and alcohol abuse can help them refocus on the relationships and finances that may have suffered.

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