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Adults and children alike have been prescribed Adderall for their ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). Some go to see their doctors, convinced that they have ADHD, so their doctor gives them a prescription. Some may find that after relying heavily on Adderall to get through the hectic days of their lives, they find that they are anxious all the time and having trouble sleeping. After awhile they relate it to taking Adderall and talk to a friend about it. Both of them realize that you may need to find an Adderall addiction treatment program. You only started taking it to concentrate and focus, but those who take it without their brain truly needing it can open themselves up to a whole world of consequences. No one ever intends to become addicted and have to take time away from their life to regain control everything from family to finances, but when they decide on the perfect Adderall addiction treatment, they can come out of the other side a better person than they ever thought possible.

What is Adderall and why is it so addicting?

People who have been diagnosed with ADHD find that Adderall helps calm their brain, allowing them to focus better. For everyone else, Adderall is a stimulant in addition to increasing concentration and focus. People taking Adderall on a regular basis whose chemical composition does not require it to function normally will find that they do not sleep or eat as much as their body requires to remain healthy. Approximately 50 million prescriptions of Adderall are written each year, and those who do not have ADHD feel euphoric after it creates a rush of dopamine. That rush makes the user want to continue taking it, because that euphoria is accompanied by feeling alert and motivated. People may be exhausted the next day, so they take another to retrieve that focused feeling. Those who have used it and lost weight because they “forget” to eat find that particular side effect positive at first, but that it can quickly turn into a dangerous situation.

What are the signs of Adderall addiction?

Tolerance can build up to Adderall, which is a highly addictive chemical substance. Addiction typically occurs as people increase their dose to feel the same effects. This can often precede abuse and overdoses. Whether someone is analyzing their own behavior or a parent is attempting to decide if their child needs treatment for an Adderall addiction, there are common signs, and they include:

The first time someone checks off all the items on their to-do list because they took Adderall, they begin to form the addiction. It is an emotional dependence that makes them think they need it to keep up with school and get decent grades or because it helps them not want to eat and stay thin and acceptable in society. They also may feel like they cannot be social or have fun without it.

Why do I need Adderall addiction treatment? Are there long-term effects of using Adderall?

Someone may have found that they liked the sensation that Adderall gave them when they were trying to catch up with their busy schedule. They innocently take one the next week when they are trying to get all their projects done before the big meeting. This may slide into a habit of taking it on a regular basis, but how do I know if I really need help getting off of it? Overuse for any amount of time, but especially for an extended period, may result in the following:

Stimulants, like Adderall, speed up heartrates and elevate blood pressure, increasing the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Recognizing the signs can help you help yourself or convince a loved one that they may need to seek professional medical assistance.

How do I choose an Adderall addiction treatment center?

The longer Adderall is abused, the more exaggerated the mood swings will be when usage is halted. Fortunately, the chemical changes that were made to the brain can be reversed over time and with treatment. Not only is it essential to detox and learn how to handle the triggers that may have caused someone to go down the path of taking Adderall, but maintaining sobriety also relies on learned coping skills and finding things that remind the addict  of how happy they can be. Their success depends on choosing the appropriate program to match their personality. Some of the questions to ask before committing to a program may include:

When someone realizes that they may have an addiction to Adderall, finding the help they need is essential to living a productive life. This stimulant is commonly found to used by high-powered execs trying to prove that they have the best work-life balance. They want themselves and everyone around to believe that everything they ever dreamed is possible and can be had … as long as they are using Adderall on a daily basis. This drug changes their brain chemistry and tells them that it is what they need to survive. Happily, addicts can reverse the negative effects that this drug has created. They can once again discover joy in their life and truly have it all without drugs. They can reestablish their relationships with friends and family that suffered by finding the right Adderall addiction treatment.

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