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Everyone heals differently. While each human body is built similarly, the chemical nuances and reactions to everything around them vary. One person may have genetics that make them more likely to have cancer later in life, while someone else’s body forms antibodies against its own tissues. One person may adjust their behaviors and treatment based on medical advice, while another may be more in tune with nature and their bodies, preferring to practice more natural methods of treatment. Holistic addiction treatment is beneficial as a part of a comprehensive program. Holism in medicine is focusing on the person as a whole instead of each system or part separately. For example, when the lungs are not working properly, it can affect everything about the cardiovascular system, from blood pressure to heart rate and everything in between. Treating one thing helps to treat everything else.

Treating the main issue of addiction can be done with holistic approaches that help patients express their thoughts and feelings in a healthy manner. Recovery from any substance abuse disorder is one of the hardest experiences that anyone can go through and leads to an extremely vulnerable state of mind. It requires opening up to peers who are in similar situations who were once strangers and to medical professionals that truly have your best interests at heart. People who try to eat clean and allow their spiritual growth to guide them in many parts of life but found they lost their way with chemical substances may find all that they need in holistic addiction treatment to regain control of their substance abuse disorder (SUD).

Why should you consider holistic addiction treatment? 

Alternative therapies can be added to traditional substance abuse treatment regimens, like group and individual behavioral counseling, to induce an effect that is comprehensive to mind, body, and spirit. 12-step programs have been the preferred treatment for decades and has helped millions of people through some of the most difficult times of their lives. Tapping into someone’s core interests can help them develop a clear sense of identity, as well as the self-esteem and self-confidence that their drug of choice stole from them.

What kinds of holistic treatments exist?

When someone thinks of addiction treatment centers such as drug addiction treatment centersalcohol treatment centers or marijuana addiction treatment facilities, they picture what the media has trained them to envision. What used to be considered eccentric therapies have proven themselves to be effective at offering therapeutic benefits to those with SUD. They include, but are not limited to:

Stress can impact the lives of anyone. There can be a constant low hum of everyday anxiety that can throw someone over the edge when something big happens, like a car breaking down. It is especially true for those who are trying to recover from substance abuse. Adding a holistic component to a traditional inpatient or outpatient treatment program can help treat the body as a whole, focusing on how it reacts to the mental and spiritual roles. It offers a comprehensive treatment that is centered around the beliefs of the patient, as well as their needs to recover. Holistic treatments can help someone find the center of their being and the ability to face what life has to offer, from stress to happiness. They will also discover more enjoyment when they recover and take control of their addiction.

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