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Sometimes, the only thing that gets people through difficult times is the ability to lean on their fur babies for support. Pets love their human companions unconditionally and are always happy to see them. We care for our pets, just as they care for our mental well-being. We learn their personalities as they do ours, and we become their worlds. Whether it’s a beloved cat that has been with you since you first moved out of your parents’ house 15 years ago, or the dog that you have had since you were 10, choosing a pet-friendly drug rehab facility can bring you even closer to your best friend while you lean on them for the support you need while you are trying to get back to the happy life that you once had before everything you did was focused on finding the next hit, using, and recovering.

No matter how someone was introduced to drugs, a college party with lines of cocaine on the coffee table or eating marijuana brownies to last the evening after a hard day of work, peoples sometimes learn to rely on them to ease anxiety and tension. Drugs also change the chemistry of the brain, making the body and mind feel intense cravings that are exceptionally difficult to fight. After someone takes inventory of their life, it seems that it might not be everybody else’s fault as to why you are alone. However, at least your dog has remained by your side. He has watched you ruin your relationships with every friend and family member but has remained faithful. When you decide that it is time to improve your life, you want him by your side, and a pet-friendly drug rehab center may be the perfect answer to the achieving sobriety.

The stages of addiction can help you determine if you need help.

Your dog has been there for you through every part of life. They socialized with your friends when you threw parties, they watched you dance around with your best friend, and they cuddled on the couch when you cried over the last boyfriend leaving. They have seen every emotion because you are the most transparent with them. There is no hiding how you feel with your fur baby. Liking the high that you get from a drug and deciding it to use it even when alone at night is crossing a line into behavior that could lead to addiction. Deciphering what stage someone is in can help measure how severe their addiction may be. There are predictable stages of substance abuse, which include:

Your pet has watched you deteriorate to the point that you are beginning to neglect most things in life. He wonders why you just ripped open his bag of food and left it open on the floor without using the bowl anymore. Knowing where you stand can help you determine what kind of help you may need when you are committed to stopping so that you gain regain control of your life.

Why should you choose a pet-friendly drug rehab center?

When someone has become addicted to drugs, they may have pushed everyone away except their pet. One of the hardest parts of spiraling into addiction, as well as going through rehab, is the anxiety, depression, and feelings of being unworthy from isolation oneself from everyone who ever cared. Building confidence is important in recovery so that you can also go about the difficult task of reestablishing relationships that were hurt and starting newer healthy ones that aren’t centered around drug use.

Everything about initially walking into a drug and/or alcohol rehab facility is uncomfortable, so having your best furry friend with you may enable you to feel at ease. Addicts who wish to get sober are in for some exceedingly difficult days, and having your beloved pet by your side may make those days seem less painful. Many research studies have determined that it is not just our emotional state that is improved by the adoration of a pet, but also the physical state. Pets help:

What is NOT to love about having a pet around? Don’t know what to talk about? Talk about cats, dogs, and hamsters. There is never a lack of conversation when you take your pet to rehab and compare adorable stories with others in similar situations.

Being surrounded by our pets not only encourages us to be more active, but also holds us accountable to some other being. They depend on us for food, water, love, and to get out of the house. Deciding to get help for an addiction is one of the hardest choices to make and finding a location that is perfect for your situation can be even more overwhelming. Someone realizing that they are given the option to take their pet with them can be all the motivation they need to venture down the path to sobriety. They pushed everyone else away and weren’t sure if anyone would be able to watch their dog if they attended rehab. They cannot afford to board their sweet fur baby AND go to rehab, but a pet-friendly drug and alcohol rehab center gives them the hope they thought they would never feel again. Restarting a healthy life is possible. Finding the self-confidence to move toward the dreams that give you a reason to fight can be the key to maintaining a sober lifestyle. Individuals who feel that they don’t have a nurturing side are proven wrong every time they interact with and love their pet.

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