How Long is Drug Rehab and Addiction Treatment

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Every human consists of a different mixture of cells. Those cells produce a vast array of reactions to internal and external stimuli. How someone reacts emotionally and physically to any given circumstance varies so greatly that when the medical world designs treatments for anything, they do so on what works for the majority of the participants in the clinical study. There is no single treatment that will work for every person who is affected by each condition. Those who have travelled down the path of drug or alcohol addiction will eventually hit rock bottom. Rock bottom looks different to a high functioning alcoholic who just watched their partner walk out the door than it does to an addict sick and tired of waking up on a bench.

This is the point where they are most vulnerable to the idea of finding a way to climb up from the hole that they have dug for themselves and find the help that they need to get sober. Most of them have no idea where to start and are possibly relying on a loved one to answer their questions. Some of the questions are about cost, location, and how long it takes. There are drug rehab and addiction treatment programs that range from weeks to one year and longer; however, the averages are:

Some addicts require only 30 days and others need a couple of years to get back on their feet. Studies have shown that more success comes from people who remain in treatment longer.  For example, someone who requires meth addiction treatment and has been diagnosed with a bipolar disorder will find success only with a long-term treatment compared to another person who abuses marijuana and has no co-occurring illness. The length of time depends on a plethora of factors that include:

Every person’s journey is unique, and a good program will be flexible and change according to the way the patient is progressing. We are going to delve into the different lengths of time associated with drug rehab and addiction treatment.

30-day drug rehab and addiction programs

During the initial assessment, the facility that has been chosen will customize a plan designed specifically for the individual who is being admitted based on the answers to a variety of intake questions. A 30-day treatment program is the perfect way for any addict to begin the process. It will give both the addict and their therapists an idea as to how they are going to handle their recovery, in addition to if they need more treatment than 30 days can provide. Some of the benefits of this length of time include:

60-day drug rehab and addiction programs

Determining in the beginning that this length of time is necessary allows the person the necessary schedule to focus more on the recovery aspect, instead of simply detox, withdrawal, and touching on aftercare. What are the biggest benefits of 60-day treatments?

90-day drug rehab and addiction programs

90 days is when we get into real recovery as it is measured in terms of success rates. Results usually are realized in the following statistics:

The basic features of the shorter programs are included in 90-day drug addiction treatment, but they allow for greater exposure to the benefits of therapy. This is perfect for those who have gone through relapses and need to hone those skills. 

One-year, or long-term, drug rehab and addiction programs

Recovery does not always go as planned, and it needs to be understood that relapse is a natural part of the process. These intensive programs are beneficial for the most severe cases and can benefit the following people:

Sober living houses and halfway homes may also be part of regimen that can help someone who is having a difficult time keeping their sobriety under control. They will receive the support of people who understand and are going through the same problems.

The statistics fluctuate on how many people in the United States are considered to have an addiction to chemical substances and require treatment, but they average out at 22 million people. The opioid epidemic has done a disservice to society, but there are numerous alcohol abuse cases, as well as a large variety of other substances. With millions of people becoming addicted to drugs and the millions more family and friends who suffer along with them, choosing the right treatment is essential to achieving and maintaining sobriety. A happy future is there for anyone who wants to work for it.

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