Does Insurance Cover Rehab?

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Substance abuse is not exactly in the life plan when someone maps out their future, so when they have spiraled into substance abuse and are determined to find their way out, figuring out how to pay for it can be overwhelming. Thankfully, it can be made easier, since many drug and alcohol rehab centers take a variety of insurances. Life is hard and can cause stress. Finding ways to feel the happiness of the carefree life you had before major responsibilities consumed your thoughts can go any number of ways, from meditation to drug use.

Those who have subconsciously chosen an unhealthier path that includes drugs or alcohol to ease the stressors of everyday life can either gradually or suddenly become dependent on them. A variety of drug and/or alcohol rehab programs customize their care according to the needs of each person walking through their doors. With over 14,500 treatment centers spanning the country, everyone from female veterans addicted to Xanax to teen males shooting up heroin will find a place that gives them the best chance at recovery, and the coverage provided by health insurance can truly save their lives.

How expensive is the average drug and alcohol rehab program?

Every program is different. One may offer the basics of detox, rehab, aftercare, and maintenance with meals and standard activities while another offers tennis courts, swimming pools, acupuncture, and massages. Out-of-pocket costs are not something that many people can afford; however, the majority of health insurances cover much of the amount. What kinds of costs are we looking at on average?

What coverage does health insurance provide for drug and alcohol rehab?

Health insurance is one of the most popular ways to pay to help someone who needs to get their substance abuse under control. The cost of rehab can be daunting, so relying on the insurance that you have paid into for years can ease the stress of choosing a facility that is suitable to your situation. As of 2 years ago, 90.9% of Americans had health insurance. If you're asking yourself, "does insurance cover rehab?", the coverage depends solely on the insurance company’s policies. Insurance generally covers the following:

What is HMO vs PPO insurance?

The two most common health insurances are HMOs and PPOs and knowing the difference can help weed through the best options.

Some common insurances that cover drug and alcohol rehab include:

What are my options if health insurance doesn’t cover the entire rehab program?

It’s devastating to find out that insurance is covering only a portion of the program that has been chosen to help get you back on your feet. It can be hard to feel hope when you have been let down so much in life, and fighting your way back from the loneliness and isolation that accompanies substance abuse is even harder when the path to rehab has not been as easy as planned. So, what can you do to make up the difference?

Adults typically start using drugs because they are stressed and cannot seem to handle all that life is throwing at them, so when they have lost all control with a drug or alcohol addiction, it can be even more overwhelming to call around for the necessary help. Starting with an insurance company is a great first step, since it can help narrow down their search in a facility that will match their situation. Substance abuse is considered a chronic condition in today’s society with over 2.1 million people fighting its clutches. relying on the medical and insurance professionals to help with coverage on evidence-based physical and psychological assistance can be the perfect solution that saves someone’s life and helps them regain the happiness for which they have strived for so long.