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No one thinks that they will take that first hit and love it as much as they do. Pretty soon they are relying on it and taking more just to feel the same effects. They may go through what is their mundane everyday existence in a blur and eventually watch their spouse walk out the door. They start to miss the job for which they worked so hard for in college and hazily walk out the door that last time when they are fired. Losing a job is tough on the finances and with the stress level through the roof, they use more drugs just to dull the emotional pain. They know that they have made a mess of their life but aren’t aware of how badly until their mother walks in and they watch her leave with their children. Nothing seems to be able to dull this pain and you negotiate with her. Your payment will be finding a residential drug treatment center that can help you regain control of your life and prove that you are a fit parent. You now have a goal, but it won’t be as easy as you are anticipating.

Who will benefit from residential drug treatment?

After researching every treatment program available, you and your family decide that a residential drug treatment program has the best chance of helping you achieve and maintain sobriety as they offer a better success rate. There are certain criteria that someone meets to warrant the need for such an intense, structured program, such as:

What are the benefits of a residential versus outpatient drug treatment?

While some people may be embarrassed or find it difficult to leave the responsibilities of their daily routine, residential drug treatment has been shown to offer the detox and therapy that gives them the best chance at achieving the happiness that their life once held before their drug of choice destroyed. Some of the best reasons to choose this path include:

What is it like in a residential drug treatment program?

Every drug treatment for detox, rehabilitation, and recovery offers a different scenario but will stay close to a basic model. Someone who is motivated and determined for their treatment to work will achieve the best results.

Depending on the choice of program, they may even offer amenities that remind you of what used to make you happy. Some substances remove the ability to feel pleasure without involving that drug. Amenities can include a combination of the following:

Although every case of substance abuse starts and ends with a different story, long-term residential drug treatment programs have been shown to have a higher success rate than short-term and outpatient. It took longer than 30 days for someone to become so addicted that they needed inpatient treatment, so society should not expect them to recover completely in a limited timeframe. Being allowed to face your demons at your own pace can make all the difference in success. No one goes down the path of addiction with the intent of losing themselves to it, but it happens. It is never too late to learn to live a happy life without drugs.

Call (888) 644-6099 to get 24/7 help with treatment.